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Birds of Belize Bird Rescue

Take a look at the work being done by the Belize Bird rescue.  Then book your trip. You become part of the solution and we thank you.


To all on the first Parrots and Paradise trip:

Thank you so much for your company, support, fun, and laughs! Thanks Carol for believing in the concept. And, here's to many more Parrot People visiting us at Rock Farms and Belize Bird Rescue 

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the environment that Nikki has created is spectacular. It is a unique and very special place to visit

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Nothing can compare to seeing wild parrots! The opportunity to see them being rescued and prepared to be returned to the wild is something everyone should experience. This has been a fabulous trip!

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Jennifer and Bill

This is such a beautiful place. The work being done is amazing. The people we met are such dedicated, caring people. We feel so lucky to have been here.

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What a wonderful adventure. Beautiful birds, great project!

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We adopted Bill

Your group welcomed me with open arms. This added a wonderful new dimension to an already great trip and made it even better. Thank you for your generosity and many, many kindnesses.

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