live among the parrots of Belize

there is no other experience like this for the parrot enthusiast! be part of a small, intimate group of Parrot Lovers staying on the grounds of the Belize  Bird Rescue


Join us on some very exciting tours in Belize. More Excursion Packages coming for Parrot Lovers

tours are not included in the price of a week's stay 

You choose whether you want to join in or prefer to relax at Rock Farm

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1st Excursion 

Red Bank

Travel to see the thriving flocks of wild Scarlet Macaws

(This trip is only available certain times of the year due to the migration of the scarlets to better eating grounds.)

Included in the price is transportation fees, cold drinks, lunch, boat ride and swimming in a crystal clear blue hole

$120 (over 6 people $100)


2nd Excursion

Xunantunich Ruins, Iguanas and cacao chocolate farm

Price includes transport to the jungle, boat ride (with a hand crank ferry), cold drinks, lunch, stop at the Green Iguana Conservation Project at the swanky San Ignatio Resort, stop at a cacao farm with chocolate making experience and a good chance to see monkeys, birds, etc along the way. 

$110 (over 6 people $90)

Banana Bank Lodge

A beautiful place with many different types of lodging and a resident artist.

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Corkers Restaurant

A delightfully refreshing place to eat. Daily specials, great food and drinks.

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Xunantunich Mayan Ruins

Remarkable journey back in ancient history. This is one of our excursion sites.

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Ajaw Chocolate in San Ignacio

A fun side trip while on an excursion. The Mayan manager does a great job at teaching you to make chocolate the original way.  Try the Chili Chocolate. Yum!

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